Our Policy

Woman with bright red lips and manicure

Life isn’t perfect and neither are we. Due to everyone’s different activities and natural oil from the nails, we will guarantee our work for 2 days. If you damaged or chip your nails, bring in your dated receipt and we will gladly fix the problem for you. It’s just another way of thanking you for your business.

* Please be extra careful when choosing gel polish, some lighter colors will fade if you exposed to the sun, tanning cream, use lotion or smoke. Make sure you rinse your hands after applying sun tan lotion or wear gloves in the tanning bed.

* Gift cards are perfect for friends, loved ones, and business associates. Gift cards may be redeemed for any service or retail purchase. The value of the gift card may be used for multiple visits. It cannot be reissued if the original is lost or stolen. They are not redeemable for cash.

* Please watch your belongings, we are not responsible for any claims of lost items.

* At creative nails we want to provide you with the best experience. We would appreciate feedback regarding our performance! Please email any comments to us at trankris@ hotmail.com Thank you!